Guess The Gears Contest Winner!

January 27th, 2009 by ZKitten

First, I’d like to thank all of you who participated, and tried to guess the gears ;)
Now, you’ll have to remember, I had not counted the gears before the start, so even I didn’t know how many were in there. You may be surprised! I certainly was!

Final Total: 599,
yes 599 gears in a 2.5″X1″X1″ container!

On to the winners!

Second Place-
DBVictoria (of Designs by Victoria) who had a guess of 697 and Dr. In Sectus of (In Sectus) with a guess of 527

Third Place-
Barbarella-The Mad Cat Lady (of CatNip Camera) who had a guess of 731 and Eve (of Saint Tattoo) with a guess of 402

And The Winner-
with a guess of 597 is Amber G!
She has won a $50 gift certificate!

I hope all of you had fun! The next Contest will be in March!

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Custom Work out the Wazoo

January 22nd, 2009 by ZKitten

I just like having a reason to use wazoo, it’s fun.
Anyways, what am I up to?
Taxes. Ug. I’m going to leave it at that. I wish I had a CPA’s brain to pick about a few things. I went into H&R Block, and was told that since I spent alot more than I made, I didn’t have to file this year. But I also had a short Stimulous check last year, which qualifies me for the Recovery Rebate Credit, and to do that, I need to file my taxes. Sooo, I’m sorting through all the free online ways to do it, as well as reading reviews for software and companies. *sigh* I didn’t want to, but if I want that credit, I’m going to have to break down and figure out what to use/do, and get those taxes filed.

Well, I’m also up to the wazoo (teehee) in custom work!

I’m working on some stuff for AFP, I originaly had a pile of DD and PWT things I was working on, but I wasn’t fully happy with how it was all coming out (like, 15 different things, of which, only about 3 were ok enough for me)..
Right now, I’ve got all sorts of various things in the works having to do with AFP, and so far, all are cool! (More on that at a later date.)

I seriously LOVE custom work. If I had enough people asking for custom stuff, I would happily make custom things 24/7! Today, I got a great custom request, actualy, three requests, and these are the first delineations,

It’s late, and big words are funny to me, delineations!
I’ve got the cogs/gears all ready, but I now have get to sculpt some new wings, and since I’ve been meaning to do that, well, it just adds more to the happy :)

For those local, I should be at Temple this Saturday, and (providing I make it) I’ll have my wares with me, and will be taking custom orders for Valentine’s Day, as I’ll be vending at Forbidden Fruit (Temple’s big bash) that day!

Oh! Don’t forget! The Guess The Gears Contest is over on January 25th! Get your vote in!

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Recent Work

January 15th, 2009 by ZKitten

I’ve been working on a million things, and I’m particularly proud of this one.
It’s a winged heart, with gears in the somewhat off white heart, with faded blue wings…
Now, hover over the image ;)

Cool huh? The first image, shot in normal lighting, the second, pitch dark! :D
I’m working on some right now, and should have some up to buy soon, but I’m setting aside a bunch for Forbidden Fruit, the valentine’s day Temple (an alternative dance night in Knoxville) where I’ll be vending..

Another one- This is a set of butterfly wings, you can’t see any of the glowing details (three colors) though I’ll try to maybe get a video of the colors, and get a cap off it.

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Guess the Gears

January 12th, 2009 by ZKitten

This is the first of many contests that I’ll have this year. This first one, should be fun! :)
If you haven’t guesses, it’s called Guess the Gears!
I have a container here, 1″X1″X2.5″, full of gears, the following photographs are of the container, and if requested, I can take more, and video, again, if requested.

Contest: Guess the Gears
How long is it: Two weeks, the contest will end January 25th, and the winner announced the 26th.
How to Enter: Place a guess at how many gears are in the container in the entry form at the bottom of the page.
Prize: A Gift Certificate good in any of my stores! How much? This all depends on how many entries. 0-20 Entries a $25GC; 20-50 Entries a $50 GC; 51-100 entries, a $75 GC ; 100+ a $100 GC)

On to the gears!

Guess The Gears Entry Form
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Another First Post

January 9th, 2009 by ZKitten

Why another? It’s simple, because this site has had so many incarnations, it really isn’t a true ‘first post’, rather, as stated, Another First Post. So, anyways, I’ll be posting here instead of all the random places I’ve been keeping up. Yes the main part of the site is still down, as I’m still working on the store (making it all integrated, and pretty).

Um.. I’m so bad at this, this being making blog posts. Anyone who knows of me from the far and away times in school, may know that I would have aced alot of classes, if I could write out what I knew. Always been a slight problem of mine. I’m much better at just outlines, rather than a whole written report, or whatnot. So, I guess I’ll do what everyone else does, for now.

I’m Z, or ZKitten, or whathaveyou, I spend all my time making things, and occasionally selling them as well. What have I been up to lately? Alot, and not alot, all at once. I’ve been doing alot of graphics work for people, and helping some basic coding for Myspace pages.

I’ve also been cleaning. This is the hardest task. Why? … Well.. I get so involved in one project, then need a break, and get totally involved in another, and I don’t want to mess up the first, so I leave it be, and work on the second. This keeps going until I’ve got probably dozens of projects in the works, none done, many halfway to almost done, and many only in the first stages. This leads to a bit of a mess.. ok, a lot of a mess.

To combat all my projects that are trying to take over the house, I’ve started another project, but this one is a small building one. To deal with all my supplies, my other half and I built 6′ tall by 4′ wide shelves to hold all my boxes of supplies. This helped tremendously with being able to find things (for the most part). This new project, I’m working on is a set of smaller shelves inside one of the larger ones. They’re small and lightweight (being made of balsa wood) and each shelf will hold a project. This is mainly for my small glass, clay and beading projects. I’m also plotting to build a similar one for my resin table, to help clear that up a bit. Ah, my resin table. It’s a small white computer desk, that sits in the kitchen. It holds my resin, most of my pigmented and metallic powders, along with various assortments of little things I use for them. I also store, and build there my custom molds, made from my own sculpts (and those of others who commission them)

Until we have the space, I do all my work (non-resin) sitting on the couch. It’s really the only place I have to work. My storage area is quite small, and there isn’t enough room in the kitchen for another table. To help combat the lack of space, my next big project is the deck. Our current deck,.. it’s falling apart, it’s quite old, and has had many carpenter bees make it their home over the years. I also don’t like working outside on it because of nature. Usually I love nature, but when nature comes in the form of a wasp almost as long as my middle finger, and can cause a sting that can make even me scream, I tend to not like it. SO, to deal with it all, lack of work space, wasps, oh, and the weather, I’m closing it in. First I’ll be replacing the worn & breaking pieces, along with extending it a bit towards the side yard. Then I’ll be adding all around the edge, screen, along with a couple doors, (one for each side, so, 3) I’m still not sure what I’ll be doing for the top, but that’s not a huge concern. Along with all of this, I’m adding a small workbench against the wall of the house. To keep everything save, I’ll have folding doors to go around the bench area, so if people come over, or the cat gets out, nothing (and noone) will be hurt. This bench will hold my bench tools (obviously), along with the larger tools & bequipment I can’t set up indoors (no room) like my brandy new bench grinder I got for christmas (thanks to the boyfriend’s amazing dad!) I’ll also have an area set up for my kiln, with a small area near it, to hold projects going in and out of the kiln.

What else.. Oh, besides all my hobbies and work, I also help admin some sites, one specifically is fantastic, the Etsy Steam Team! ( The EST does take alot of my time, but I have gotten the site just about set up so that our members are responsible for adding and editing the content, and with the site about done, I can work on other things, like my site.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. So, I’m going to go keep working on the site!

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