Work in Progress, post number 4 (finally)

August 6th, 2010 by ZKitten

What happened to the Clockwork Ankh?
I’ve been asked that a *few* times over the past month or so..
Maybe a few more than a few times ;P

Basically, there was a combination of things, I was sick, combine with the fact that I fudged the feathers a few times (they did not pass my perfectionistness requirements) The first set was just carved on, the second as well (ok, and fourth and fifth, I did alot of re-dos, there may have been seven tries to get it right, but I stopped counting after three) the last ok set (before the total redo) was made of the last ok set, but with a cut between each feather, to give it a more feathered look, but it still wasn’t good enough. It just didn’t have the look I wanted.

TL. Still Attached
TR. One of the earlier Re-Dos
BL. Another Earlier Re-Do
BR. Last Poopy Re-Do

So, I had to do a re-do times 2 (plus some) and realizing that trying to do all the feathers at once wasn’t working, I ended up doing the feathers individually (which may have been re-do 2 times three, or four) and that worked. And voila!
Feathers feathers feathers on Twitpic
1. the basic building blocks of feathers; 2. pre-cure
3. making sure they don’t move around; 4. ready to assemble

Now, I that I had all the pieces done, everything was ready to go…. and the person I’m making it for didn’t know what color/s they wanted. *head desk*
Soooooo.. I started working on mini sized color samples in the same style as the large piece. The little rectangles are about 4″x3″ and I think they’re so cute, I’m looking for shadow boxes they’ll fit, cause I think they’d make great little pieces of wall art ;D

Clockwork Ankh - mini color samples
Left- White/Pewter/Gold Samples; Right- Closeup of Gold Sample

then I also decided that I might as well have some other styles, cause the little ones could do alot more, one example, different styled wings

about one inch by one and a half inches

Right now, I’m still working on more color samples, along with more of the little sample sizes with the new style wings and in other configurations.. I’ll have more as I get them done. I swear, I’ll try to make sure it’s not another month plus between posts!

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