Work in Progress, post number 3

June 10th, 2010 by ZKitten

We had company, which required me to make cookies and homemade potato chips (cause I rock) then I actually caught a few hours sleep. I’m very close to done, if it wasn’t for that pesky sleep and visits from friends (♥) I’d still probably not be done. I took a small tantrum on the bottom left section of wings. It kept irritating me and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it’s about as close as possible without taking another year ;)

↓In my tantrum(s) at the feathers not looking right, I took them out, and put them back in, about 7 times, not easy, as I had to slice under to get them off, then hope I didn’t tear anything on it’s way out, and hope I didn’t fudge the amount under the top layer of feathers on the way back in.

↓ Proof I did actually get it all together, and looking good. this is just the wings

↓ It took a bit of doing, trying to figure out the best way to do the teeth for the cogs for the top gear, I finally went strips of evenly rolled clay, cut to the same size little squares, and stacked them so they were as even as possible without measuring too much.

↓ I ran out of the special mix and & black clay while workin on the top part, so I grabbed some chunks of scrap out of one of my three (yes three) shoeboxes full of scraps. The scraps, when I rolled them out, had some bits of canes left on them. The face you see in the right sheet is from an old ‘goth girl’ cane from, um, over 5 years ago, possibly 6 or 7. I’ll have to find some of my old canes, I know I have a box somewere of some I’ve worked on over the years.. Anyways, back to the ahnk

↓ I guess you could call this the final draft. the wings are done, the cogs cut and ready to place. I just need to squish the top teeth in, smooth everything out, and give the bottom cogs some height, so they’re more even with the others. I’m thinking of using one of three ideas for the background. One, a generic texture, something that isn’t too buzy and won’t clash with the feathers. Two, painting something to go with the clockwork ankh. Three, using some of my scrap mokume gane from an old project. It’s pretty sweet, gold leaf and translucent, so it’s quite the shinny. The background will all depend on what the finished piece is going to look like, and that hasn’t been decided yet.

Tomorrow will be dedicated to finishing the piece, then working out how to bake it. I’m not 100% it’ll fit in our oven!

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