Continuation of Work In Progress

June 7th, 2010 by ZKitten

So, obviously, just what the subject says, a continuation. This one with a little dialog on what I’m doing. First off, I’m using polymer clay, a mix of types. Since I covered the sketch with clay, I took one of the previous photos, snipped out the sketch, straighted it, and printed it up as a visual reference. Once I had a base layer of clay on, I sketched & cut out some gear templates, just cause it’s easier to make it all match like that, then try to free hand all of them, and still make it all even.

↓base layer of clay on, checking layout with a few clay pieces & one of the paper templates

↓another layout check, this time with most of the clay bits, all laid out

↓took all the gears off, and got a thicker even layer for the wings, using wax paper to try to keep it as even as possible

↓wing segments drawn in, along with detail started on top left feathers

↓most of the top left feathers done

↓all the feathers done (except for the top two)

↓ showing the detail in the feathers

↓with the gear pieces to check how it’s all pulling together, make sure it’s correct & all

That was all done between about 3ish am and 9am (I say 3ish, as I didn’t check a clock on my way back out)
Going back out to the studio now to work on the bottom layer of feathers, then to tackle the top gear segment & see how it pulls together, then there’s the thinking on what to do about the background.

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